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ENG 214

This guide was created to support students working on the ENG 214 research project.

Tips for searching the Databases

A few tips for searching the many book, journal and statistical databases available for this project:

  • You can use QUOTES to search for phrases to help narrow down results (ex: "domestic violence", "substance abuse")
  • Use the SIDE FILTERS to help refine your search. Almost all databases have filters at the side that let you limit your search by DATE of publication, FULL-TEXT availability, PEER-REVIEWED/SCHOLARLY ARTICLES, etc.
  • Use the linked SUBJECT HEADINGS available in most databases to help you navigate through the databases and find more focused articles.
  • EMAIL a copy of the article to yourself so you have an electronic version of your citation.


These are possible Keywords you can try searching in the  ONLINE BOOK CATALOG and ARTICLE DATABASES:

grants (money)
research grants

grant funding
Research Funding

Or try the name of the Foundation or Grant you are interested in:

example: Ford Foundation or Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Books and Databases are also great for background information on your NEED so you can use keywords associated with your subject (ex: poverty, homelessness, STEM, food banks, etc.)