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Libguides Best Practices

About Delta College Library Libguides Best Practices

This best practices guide is meant to serve as a resource for Delta College librarians to style their subject/course guides in a consistent manner.  This guide provides website best practices, specifications, style sheets, commonly used widgets, and links to other sites and guides we used as resources to design our own site. 

Guide Type

  • Upon creation, assign your guide a guide type: Course, Subject, Special Topic or Internal (?)
  • Use the default style assigned to that guide type
  • Use Friendly URL's (avoid underscores)
  • Think Mobile! Test your guide on mobile devices

Writing for the Web

Use these tips to make guide content easy to read. Consider the F-shape pattern of reading a web page.

  • Avoid library jargon.
  • Use friendly language.
  • Avoid long paragraphs and sections of text. Use lists, bullets and links when possible.
  • Consider your user's goal in using the guide.

Guidelines for links

  • Database links should be added as Databases (links taken from A-Z list)
  • Links should be added as link assets (so that statistics can be gathered and updating is easier)
  • Descriptions should display below the link/database or not be listed. Do not use the hover or information pop-up feature (accessibility)


Every guide should be assigned tags and subjects if possible. If you need a subject added and are not an admin. Please request the addition through an admin. 

Friendly URL's

  • Each guide should have a friendly URL
  • URL's should be lowercase
  • Avoid using underscores if possible. Don't use spaces
  • Limit to one or two words

Course/Subject guides should use the following: