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CYWW - Sample Student Page

Welcome Change-Your-World-Week Participants!

CYWW students please read this entire box carefully. If you need technical help with your webpage. Contact Colleen Kothbauer.

Photo of Colleen KothbauerEmail Colleen Kothbauer at
all Colleen at 989-686-9626 and use extension 5389.

Now find your class page on the left and click the tab:

  • Agents for Positive Change = Lisa Lawrason
  • Rise Up! = Kim Klein
  • Toward Racial Justice = Christina Miller-Bellor

Your CYWW project title will be nested underneath your class page. The page title you requested can be found in the welcome email sent by Colleen.

Open your page and follow the embedded instructions. If your page isn't there, email Colleen.

Please see the screenshot below for the following items:

  1. It is not necessary for you to do anything at all with the items within the blue circle between the main menu at the top and the content of the guide. Don't change the name of the Guide, which shall remain Change Your World Week. Don't change the type/group. Don't change the URL, the subjects, or the tags.  
  2. Circled in purple you will see a drop-down menu labeled page. The only tools you need to use here are the Reorder/Move tools underlined in red. Never delete a page (circled in purple). If you think a page needs to be deleted, contact Colleen. 
  3. Notice how the page labeled Change Your World Week is highlighted in a lighter green than the other pages? This lighter color indicates that this is the active page. Always make sure you are working on your own page by making sure it is highlighted in a light green when working on the guide. You don't want to edit or delete someone else's page.  

See the text above this screenshot for explanation

Note that this box will not show on the public version of our website.