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Using the Everyone Prints Website: Home

Printing at Delta Library Fast and Free

Printing from your own device

Step 1: Log on to Delta's WIFI network.

You can't print from your own device without being logged on to WIFI. Do NOT use a VPN.

Step 2: Navigate to

Step 3: On the printing webpage, log in using your Delta College user name and password.

Use the same credentials you use to access eLearning or your Delta email account.

Delta College Mobile Device Printing To sign in please enter your username and password below

Step 4: Upload the document(s) you wish to print.

Click "Choose File" and select the document from your device you want to print and click next. Remember that documents must first be downloaded to your device from services like eLearning and Google Docs.

Upload document to print. Choose File and Next buttons.Supported documents include Mocrosoft Office, Open Office, PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP, TXT. For other formats use Driver print.

Step 5: Print to the cloud.

Click on the gray button of the printer at your location to send your document to the cloud. If you need to change the default printing settings, click the "Advanced" box to see more options.

Photo shows series of gray buttons for printing to LLIC Print Release Kiosk OR Midland Center OR Planetarium Gift Shop OR Saginaw Center Learning Commons. There is an advanced checkbox to the right of the print buttons that must be checked to see printing options.

Step 6: Print from a kiosk to a printer.

Now log on to any printing kiosk computer station with your Delta username to see the list of documents you wish to print.

Your username is the text found before the @ in your Delta email address.

Click on the documents you wish to print.

Click print.

Step 7: Pick up your prints.

Your black and white documents will print out at the printer next to the printing kiosk.

Always check to make sure your prints are complete and correct before you leave.

You can also print from your Delta email!

You can print documents to the cloud by attaching them to an email sent to one of the email addresses below. This works well for simple documents that don't need adjustments to the default printer settings. You must use a Delta email address. After you have attached and emailed your documents, send them to the printer at a printing kiosk as described above.