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Chey Davis English Class: Critical Race Theory

Databases to Search for Articles on your Topics

Find articles on your topic using our resources below.  If you need any help, please Ask a Librarian.  For additional databases, see Delta's Articles/Databases page.  Off-campus users will need to log in with their username and password.

EBSCO Journal and Magazine Article Databases

EBSCO is a company that provides subject databases that will provide many full-text magazine and journal articles on a variety of topics. OFF-campus use requires your Delta College username and password. Of particular interest for this assignment are the following EBSCO databases:

OmniFile Full Text Select : Provides full-text articles from journal and magazine articles on a variety of topics.

Readers' Guide Full Text Mega: Provides some full-text articles from popular magazines.

Social Sciences Full Text: Provides many full-text journal articles on social issues.


Newspaper Article Database

US Newsstream: Provides access to full-text newspapers including New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and Wall Street Journal.


Many of These Articles are Available Online for FREE.

Articles that have blue links can be accessed by clicking on the links.  Articles without links are available on Reserve in the Library at the Circulation Desk for four hour checkout.  You will need your Delta ID.

Aleman, E. "Through the Prism of Critical Race Theory: Niceness and Latina/o Leadership in
Politics of Education." Journal of Latinos and Education 8.4 (2009): 290-311. 
Barsalou, Lawrence W. "Grounded Cognition." Annual Review of Psychology. 59 (2008):

Barsalou, Lawrence W. "Perceptual Symbol Systems." Journal of Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 22
          (1999): 5
Bell, Derrick A. "Brown v. Board of Education and the Internet Convergence Dilemma."
          Harvard Law Review 93 (1980): 518-533.

Brooks, Jeffrey S. and Mark T. Miles. "From Scientific Management to Social Justice...And
          Back Again? Pedagogical Shifts in the Study and Practice of Educational Leadership."
          Leadership for Social Justice: Promoting Equity and Excellence through Inquiry and
          Reflective Practice
. Ed. Anthony H. Normore. Charlotte, NC: Information Age, 2008.
Crenshaw, Kimberle. "Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and
          Violence Against Women of Color."
Stanford Law Review 43.6 (1991): 1241- 1299.
Dantley, Michael E. and Linda C. Tillman. "Social Justice and Moral Transformative
          Leadership." Leadership for Social Justice: Making Revolutions in Education.
           Eds. Marshall, Catherine, and Maricela Oliva. Boston: Pearson Education, 2006.

Espinoza, Leslie, and Angela P. Harris. "Embracing the Tar-Baby - LatCrit Theory
           and the
Sticky Mess of Race." California Law Review 85.5 (1997): 1585-1645.
Freeman, Alan David. "Legitimizing Racial Discrimination through Antidiscrimination
          Law: A Critical Review of Supreme Court Doctrine."  Minnesota Law Review
          62 (1977): 1049 - 1119.
Jean-Marie, Gaetane. "Welcoming the Unwelcomed: A Social Justice Imperative of
          African-American Female Leaders."
Educational Foundations 20.1-2 (2006):
Ladson-Billings, G. "Who You Callin' Nappy-Headed? A Critical Race Theory Look at
         the Construction of Black Women."
Race, Ethnicity, and Education 12.1 (2009): 87-99.
Ladson-Billings, Gloria,  and Jamel Donnor. "The Moral Activist Role of Critical Race Theory Scholarship."
          Handbook of Qualitative Research. Eds. Denzin, Norman, and Yvonna Lincoln.
          Thousand Oaks, CA, 2005: 279-301.
Lee, Spike W. S. and Norbert Schwarz. "Wiping the Slate Clean: Psychological
          Consequences of Physical Cleansing."
  Current Directions in Psychological
          Science. 20.5 (2011): 307-311.

A slightly alternative title of this article appears to be "Clean Slate Effects: The Psychological
Consequences of Physical Cleansing."

Shields, C.M. "Transformative Leadership: Working for Equity in Diverse Contexts."
          Education Administration Quarterly 46 (2010): 558-589.
Siddle Walker, Vanessa. "The Architects of Black Schooling in the Segregated South:
          The Case of One Principal Leader."
Journal of Curriculum and Supervision 19.1
          (2003): 54-72.
Siddle Walker, Vanessa. "Valued Segregated Schools for African-American Children in the
          South, 1935-1969: A Review of Common Themes and Characteristics." Review of
          Educational Research
70.3 (2000): 253-285.
Solorzano, Daniel G. "Critical Race Theory, Race, and Gender Microaggressions, and
          the Experience of Chicana and Chicano Scholars."
Qualitative Studies in Education
          11.1 (1998): 121-136.
Theoharis, George. Social Justice Educational Leaders and Resistance: Toward a Theory
          of Social Justice Leadership. Educational Administration Quarterly 43.2 (2007): 221-258.
Thomas, David A. and Robin J. Ely. "Making Differences Matter: A Paradigm
          for Managing Diversity."
Harvard Business Review 74.5 (2006): 79-90.

Venzant, Chambers, Terah T. and Kristin Shawn Huggins. "The Influence of School Factors
          on Racial Opportunity Cost for High-Achieving Students of Color."
  Journal of
          School Leadership
24.1 (2014): 189-225.