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Election 2020: What happens after election day?

Join Delta students in learning how elections work and understanding the aftermath of the 2020 election.

How does our system work?

Red, white, and blue hands reaching upward

The aftermath of Tuesday’s election will likely bring much confusion – and even potential chaos – to the American public. With a record-shattering number of Americans expected to turn out, it may take longer than usual to count the ballots. And, with legal challenges promised by the candidates, it may take weeks for the courts to apply the law and decide cases.

All of this uncertainty creates a need for credible information and reassurances that every American has been heard, that voting has been fair and that the system is working. To that end, Delta College students have researched and presented information to help their peers make sense of the happenings in the weeks – and possibly months – following the election. 

Read these pages created by Delta students and learn how American elections work and make sense of the aftermath of the 2020 election. Please leave a comment or question on the discussion board.