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English 112/113

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Books at Delta Library

Books are easy to find and use and are densely packed with the kind of information you need to get started with your research. Find both physical books and eBooks in our OneSearch database, and if you need some help, librarians are always happy to help you.

Using eBooks: Just the Basics (2.5 minutes)

Using eBooks: All the Details (5 minutes)

On the Shelf

Screenshot showing physical book entry in OneSearch with title, author, and call number highlighted. Below this is a photo of the library stacks (bookshelves) with signs on the end of each describing the call number range of the books there and finally, photo of book spines with call numbers on the backs of each book.Here's how to find books on the shelf at Delta Library:

  • Get the title, author, and call number from OneSearch. 
  • Take this information to the stacks or bookshelves and find your book using the signs on the ends of the stacks. The books are in order from A to Z.
  • When you are in the right row, use the call numbers printed on the backs of the books to find your book. 

Library staff are happy to help you find a book on the shelf.