Raise Your Voice Civic Action Project: Mental Health Among Young Adults


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The Problem Research - Mental Heath Among Young Adults

The Problem: Describe the problem or concern you are addressing, either locally, statewide or nationally. What is causing this problem? Provide evidence as to how this problem is increasingly becoming an issue of public concern. Discuss how this problem is becoming more serious in recent years, providing evidence, data and statistics to convince others they should be concerned about this problem. Discuss a personal story (yours or someone else’s) to tap into the emotions that lead to action.

Policy Solution Research - Mental Health Among Young Adults

The Policy Solution: Describe specifically and in detail a change in policy that you think would best address the problem you identified in Part a. Why do you think this policy would address the problem? How have existing laws and public policies fallen short of solving the problem? Where has this policy been tried elsewhere? What other states or cities have already enacted this policy? What has been the result? Have they addressed the problems you identified, or have they fallen short of resolving the problem?

Alternative Perspectives on the Issue - Mental Health of Young Adults

Describe a perspective different from that of your group on the issue. Why would a rational, thinking, informed person disagree with the change policy you have identified? Provide credible arguments, supported by evidence, as to why someone would oppose the policy change you are advocating for.