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HIS 221/222 (American History)

This Research Guide should help students in History 221 or 222 find library resources for class assignments and research projects.

Welcome to the HIS 221/222 (American History) Research Guide

The American History Research Guide provides students in HIS 221 or HIS 222 access to library resources and course texts that will be helpful in your research. Use the sidebar navigation to find specific resources.  

Course Textbooks available as eBooks

These texts MAY be used in some HIS 221/222 sections and are freely available as eBooks through Delta Library. Lies My Teacher Told Me is available as unlimited user (can have unlimited simultaneous users). A People's History of the United States is available as 1-user access (can have 1-user). You can download, print or save up to 60 pages at a session for that publication.

Initial Background Research - Reference Resources

Reference Resources include materials like Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Thesauri and Atlas's. They can be a great introduction to a topic and can help you become familiar with the keywords, names and events associated with your topic.

Try these online reference resources from the Library.