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MT 221 Introduction to Materials Engineering

This guide will assist students working on the term paper for MT-221 with Anthony Koprowski

Welcome to the MT 221 Research Guide

This research guide will assist students in finding sources for the term paper in Anthony Koprowski's MT 221 class. If you have any questions, please contact a librarian using the chat in the bottom right of this guide or via email to

Database Search Tips

Identify Keywords

Look at your assignment topic and pull out keywords to use in library databases such as: 

lead water lines

lead water pipes

screenshot of onesearch using lead water lines and lead water pipes as keywords

Search Library Databases
Library databases are a great place to start searching because they include articles that otherwise might be behind a paywall on the open web. Go to the Find Scholarly Articles tab in the left sidebar to find links to OneSearch and other databases.

Refine your search

Test out your keyword searches. Try different approaches. You might find company names or materials you can search for. You will probably have to find many different articles to piece together all of the information needed your research paper.

Limit your search by Source Type to Academic Journals and Trade Publications using the filter in the left sidebar.

If you do not find enough articles available through Delta, try removing the Delta Library Resources filter by unchecking the box in the left sidebar, shown in the image below. This should expand your search and you can order full-text articles through interlibrary loan. Articles will be delivered to your email, usually within a week. 

image showing the Limit To filter in OneSearch. Delta library resources limit is highlighted.

Ask for help

If you have spent more than a few hours researching your topic and are getting frustrated, ask for help! Librarians are available via email, chat or in person!

What is a Scholary Article?

This assignment requires you to use scholarly articles as sources. Use the following criteria to help identify scholarly articles.

Features of a Scholarly Article:

  1. Written by experts - look for an authors credentials or affiliations (degrees, college or university, etc.)
  2. Written for other experts in the field.
  3. Use scholarly language with technical, discipline specific vocabulary.
  4. Provide verifiable and reliable evidence for claims. Sources used in research or in writing the article is listed in a Reference list or bibliography,
  5. Articles may be Peer Reviewed. The articles may go through an editorial process where the article and information are reviewed for accuracy prior to publication.

Identifying Scholarly Articles:

  1. Databases like OneSearch, Academic Search Complete and Applied Science Technology let you check a box to limit to Academic Journals or Trade Publications.
  2. Look at the source or publication title. Is it a journal? Google the publication title and look at the publication process for that journal or publication.
  3. Is the article long? Scholarly articles are detailed and are usually 5 or more pages. Sometimes 20-30 pages.
  4. Is there an abstract or summary? Most scholarly articles will have a short paragraph that summarizes the article.
  5. Does it include many parts such as an introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion?
  6. Is there a lengthy notes, references, bibliography or works cited list at the end?