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SOC 250 Intro to Social Work

This research guide will assist students writing the Steiss SOC 250 Career Research Paper.

Welcome to the Sociology 250 Research Guide!

This Research Guide should help students in SOC 250 Introduction to Social Work use library resources to find books and articles needed to complete class research assignments.


Using Keywords

It is important to pull out the KEYWORDS of your topic to search the Library databases.  Think about all of the different terms you can use for a subject (i.e. youth, adolescent, teenager, etc.). Remember you can perform exact phrase searches by using quotes around your phrases.  

For your Career Research Paper, try combining your occupational interest with a service population that interests you.

Occupational Interest Service Population
"social work" or "social worker" veterans
therapist children or teenagers
counselor incarcerated or prisoner
teacher mental health

Here is an example of how you might enter search terms in the OneSearch.

OneSearch search terms

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