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Elected Officials Guide

FInd your elected officials

These sites also provide "find your representative" locators through entering your home address:

Here are some additional websites that provide “find your representative” locators through entering your home address:

To find the partisanship of elected officials, Look at the past election results posted on the county clerk websites:

For the county commission, go to the county commission website and look at the districts map.

Locate Voting Record and Accomplishments of Elected Officials

What have your elected officials done while in office? These articles provide some ideas for locating information on your elected officials' voting record or job performance. 

How to look up a politician’s voting record and job performance (from Michigan Radio)

How to Participate in Politics (from the New York Times)

Locate information about elected officials in a Michigan city by using google to locate the city's website. Try googling the name of your city to locate your city's official website. City website addresses can end in .gov, .org or .com

Another resource for locating information on elected officials in in newspapers. Search these library newspaper databases for information about your elected official.

Michigan Newspapers (Newsbank)

U.S Major Dailies (U.S. Newstream/Proquest)

Find your Polling (Voting) Location