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SOC 211

Evaluating Websites Activity

Where are Information Sources?

Iceberg showing most information on the internet is in the deep web e.g. not available through GoogleAre you finding all the information that is available? 

It is important to evaluate the sources used for academic papers and important to know where to access information. If you limit yourself to Google searching, you will miss a lot of information that is not available on the open web. Library databases offer access to articles and journals that are not found with a Google search. They're also reviewed by information professionals, helping establish credibility. 

The deep web, the dark web, and simple things. August 1, 2017.

CRAAP Criteria for Evaluating Information

CRAAP infographicIs your information CRAAP?

  • Current - When was the resource written and last updated? If your source is a website, is it maintained? Is the information current enough for your topic? Does it matter if the source is current for your topic?
  • Relevant - Does the information fit your needs? Does the information add or support your topic? Is the material at the right reading level, not too easy and not too complex?
  • Authority - Who is the source of the information? Is the author listed? Are they an expert in the field? What is their educational background? What organization sponsors the website? Is the website sponsored by the government or university?
  • Accurate - Is the information reliable, truthful, and correct? Are references listed? Can you verify the information using other sources?
  • Purpose - Why does the information exist? Is it factual information? Is it trying to sell you something or persuade? Not sure? Get help at Delta College Library.

If you're not sure if a web source is credible, Delta Librarians can help!