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Printing at Delta Library: Home

Printing at Delta Library Fast and Free

Step 1: Print from a device to the cloudPrint from any Delta College computer.

Download the document you want to print from eLearning, Google Docs, and other web-based services before printing.

If you need color printing, you must use an A-Pod computer and choose the color printer (LLIC_CL_1).  Ask a librarian for help.

Want to print from your own device? Here are the instructions.

Step 2: Print from a kiosk to a printerNow log on to any printing kiosk computer station with your Delta username to see the documents you sent to the cloud.

Your username is the text found before the @ in your Delta email address.

Click on the documents you wish to print.

Click print.

Step 3: Pick up your printsYour black and white documents will print out at the printer next to the printing kiosk.

Your color prints can be picked up at the reference desk.

Always check to make sure your prints are complete and correct before you leave.

Printing at Delta Learning Centers

Midland Center: Choose printer named Midland Center - DCMC120. Print release kiosk located in the Learning Commons.

Bay City Planetarium: Choose printer named Planetarium Gift Shop. Print release kiosk located inside the gift shop.

Saginaw Center: Choose printer named Saginaw Center Learning Commons. Print release kiosk located in the Ted Robinson Learning Commons.