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Where are Psychology Books in the Library?

Works of Psychology are located in the Call Number area BF and RC  
BF173-175 Psychoanalysis
BF180-198 Experimental Psychology
BF203 Gestalt Psychology
BF309-499 Consiousness and Cognition
BF501-505 Motivation
BF 511-593 Affection, feeling and Emotion
BF636-637 Applied Psychology
BF660-685 Comparative Psychology
BF697 Differential Psychology
BF698 Personality
BF712-724 Developmental Psychology
BF1001-1389 Parapsychology
BF 1404-2055 The Occult 
RC 321-571Neurosciences
RC 435-571 Psychiatry
RC 500-510 Psychoanalysis
RC 512-569 Psychopathology
RC 554-569 Personality Disorders

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