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How it works...

Step One: Browse the selection of seed packets

  • Select up to three (3) packets

Step Two: Take the packets to the Circulation Desk to exchange for seeds

Step Three: Plant

Step Four: Grow

Step Five: Enjoy!

Step Six: Harvest seeds and return them to the Seed Library in the Fall

Seeds Available in Delta Library!

Below you will find all the seeds available for pick-up at Delta's library on the main campus.  You do not have to purchase them, but each seed links out to the place where we got them.  Each page has information on the plant itself, as well as how to grow them.  If you have any questions, please contact the library by chat, email, or phone.  Happy planting!




Pimpinella anisum: Annual; grows up to 3' tall; strong licorice flavor (source:

basil globe

Basil (Globe)

Ocimum minimum: Annual; grows 12-18" tall; container-friendly (source:

basil lime

Basil (Lime)

Ocimum basilicum: Annual; grows 12-18" tall; lime scent and flavor (source:

garlic chives

Garlic Chives

Allium tuberosum: Perennial (zones 4-8); grows 12-20" tall; leaves have mild garlic flavor (source:

lovage magnus

Lovage (Magnus)

Levisticum officinale: Perennial (zones 3-8); grows 5-8' tall; leaves and stems taste similar to celery (source:

oregano greek

Oregano (Greek)

Origanum heracleoticum: Perennial (zones 4-9); grows 7-30" tall (source:

parsley triple curled

Parsley (Triple Curled)

Petroselinum hortensis: Annual or biennial; grows 9-12" tall; 68-75 days to maturity (source:

summer savory

Summer Savory

Satureja hortensis: Annual; grows to 18" tall (source:


american basketflower

American Basketflower

Centaurea americana: Annual; grows up to 4' tall; pollinator flower (source:

calendula red buff

Calendula (Touch of Red Buff)

Calendula officinalis: Grows up to 24" tall; container-friendly (source:

common milkweed

Common Milkweed

Asclepias syriaca: Perennial (hardy to zone 4); grows 3-4' tall; pollinator plant (source:

love-in-a-mist miss jekyll

Love-in-a-Mist (Miss Jekyll)

Nigella damascena: Annual; grows 18-24" tall (source:

sunflower mongolian giant

Sunflower (Mongolian Giant)

Helianthus annuus: Annual; grows 12-14' tall; edible seeds; 90 days to maturity (source:

sunflower titan

Sunflower (Titan)

Helianthus annuus: Annual; grows to 12' tall; edible seeds; 75 days to maturity (source:

tassel scarlet magic

Tassel (Scarlet Magic)

Emilia coccinea: Annual; border or bedding plant; grows to 18" (source:

zinnia gift

Zinnia (Gift)

Zinnia elegans: Annual; grows to 3' tall; easy to grow (source:

zinnia jazzy mix

Zinnia (Jazzy Mix)

Zinnia haageana: Annual; grows 20" tall; blooms summer to fall (source:

Bulb Vegetables

onion ailsa craig

Onion (Ailsa Craig)

Allium cepa: Bulbs grow to 2 pounds; not for storage; 100 days to maturity from transplant (source:

onion yellow of parma

Onion (Yellow of Parma)

Allium cepa: Good for storage; bulbs grow to 1 pound; 110 days to maturity from transplant (source:

Flowering Vegetables

broccoli de cicco

Broccoli (De Cicco)

Brassica oleracea: Compact plant; shoots and sprouts growing even after head has been harvested; 48-85 days to maturity (source:

cauliflower early snowball

Cauliflower (Early Snowball)

Brassica oleracea: Heads grow 6-7" across; 60-85 days to maturity from transplant (source:

Fruiting Vegetables

bushy cucumber

Cucumber (Bushy)

Cucumis sativus: Vine growth spreads up to 5' across; 45-50 days to maturity (source:

early fortune cucumber

Cucumber (Early Fortune)

Cucumis sativus: Fruits grow up to 8"; 55-60 days to maturity (source:

japanese climbing cucumber

Cucumber (Japanese Climbing)

Cucumis sativus: Fruits grow up to 9"; slightly tart flavor; 58-65 days to maturity (source:

diamond eggplant

Eggplant (Diamond)

Solanum melongena: Fruits grow up to 9" long in clusters; 70 days to maturity from transplant (source:

oka melon

Melon (Oka)

Cucumis melo: Moderately sweet (source:

healthy pepper

Pepper (Healthy)

Capsicum annuum: Plant grows to 30" tall; sweet pepper; 70 days to maturity from transplant (source:

martin's carrot pepper

Pepper (Martin's Carrot)

Capsicum annuum: Smoky medium hot flavor; plants grow to 24" tall; 70-90 days to maturity from transplant (source:

patisson panache jaune et verte squash

Squash (Patisson Panache, Jaune et Verte)

Cucurbita pepo: Summer squash to eat when young - for ornamental use when fully mature; 55-70 days to maturity (source:

waltham butternut squash

Squash (Waltham Butternut)

Cucurbita moschata: Popular baking squash; winter squash; 83-100 days to maturity (source:

Dr. Wyche's yellow tomatillo

Tomatillo (Dr. Wyche's Yellow)

Physalis ixocarpa: Sweet flavor; 90-100 days to maturity from transplant (source:

isis candy cherry tomato

Cherry Tomato (Isis Candy)

Solanum lycopersicum: Fruit ripens throughout the season; 70-80 days to maturity from transplant (source:

Martino's roma tomato

Roma Tomato (Martino's)

Solanum lycopersicum: Fruit ripens over a 2 week period; 75 days to maturity from transplant (source:

chris cross watermelon

Watermelon (Chris Cross)

Citrullus lanatus: Fruits grow 15-20 pounds; 85-90 days to maturity (source:

cream of saskatchewan watermelon

Watermelon (Cream of Saskatchewan)

Citrullus lanatus: Fruits grow 4-10 pounds; does well in cool climates; 80-85 days to maturity (source:

Leafy Greens



Eruca sativa: nutty flavor; best picked young; 40-45 days to maturity (source:

cabbage chinese celery

Cabbage (Chinese Celery)

Brassica rapa: crunchy and peppery; 75-80 days to maturity (source:

cabbage copenhagen market

Cabbage (Copenhagen Market)

Brassica oleracea: Good for small gardens; harvest when heads are 6-8" in diameter (source:

cabbage premium late flat dutch

Cabbage (Premium Late Flat Dutch)

Brassica oleracea: Heads weigh 11-15 pounds; late fall or early winter; 100 days to maturity from transplant (source:

kale scarlet

Kale (Scarlet)

Brassica oleracea: Grows 24-36" tall; leaves spread to 24"; 60 days to maturity from transplant (source:

lettuce ella kropf

Lettuce (Ella Kropf)

Lactuca sativa: Grows to size of a softball; soft texture and sweet flavor; 50-60 days to maturity (source:

lettuce forellenschluss

Lettuce (Forellenschluss)

Lactuca sativa: Heat-tolerant; crisp leaves; 55 days to maturity (source:

lettuce lolla rosa

Lettuce (Lolla Rosa)

Lactuca sativa: Leaves grow 5-8"; cut and grows back; 55 days to maturity (source:

spinach america

Spinach (America)

Spinacia oleracea: Grows to 8" tall; good for freezing, canning, and fresh eating; drought resistant (source:

spinach bloomsdale

Spinach (Bloomsdale)

Spinacia oleracea: Tender leaves; quick growing; 39-60 days to maturity (source:

swiss chard five color silverbeet

Swiss Chard (Five Color Silverbeet)

Beta vulgaris: Container-friendly; 50-60 days to maturity (source:

swiss chard rhubarb red

Swiss Chard (Rhubarb Red)

Beta vulgaris: Tender leaves; container-friendly; 50-60 days to maturity (source:

Legumes & Corn

arikara yellow bean

Bean (Arikara Yellow)

Phaseolus vulgaris: Bush bean; drought tolerant; 80-90 days to maturity (source:

Lina Sisco's bird egg bean

Bean (Lina Sisco's Bird Egg)

Phaseolus vulgaris: Bush bean; dry or horticultural bean; 85 days to maturity (source:

mayflower bean

Bean (Mayflower)

Phaseolus vulgaris: Pole bean; snap or dry bean; 100 days to maturity (source:

sunset runner bean

Runner Bean (Sunset)

Phaseolus coccineus: Pole bean; ornamental and edible; 60-65 days to maturity (source:

aunt mary's corn

Corn (Aunt Mary's)

Zea mays: Plants grow 6-8' tall; sweet corn; 70-85 days to maturity (source:

blue jade corn

Corn (Blue Jade)

Zea mays: Plants grow up to 3' tall; sweet corn; white kernels mature into blue color; container-friendly; 70-80 days to maturity (source:

stowell's evergreen corn

Corn (Stowell's Evergreen)

Zea mays: Sweet corn; 80-100 days to maturity (source:

clemson spineless okra

Okra (Clemson Spineless)

Abelmoschus esculentus: Plants grow 3-5' tall; harvest when pods are 3" long; 50-64 days to maturity (source:

silver queen okra

Okra (Silver Queen)

Abelmoschus esculentus: Plants grow 6' tall; best when pods are young; 80 days to maturity (source:

amish snap pea

Pea (Amish Snap)

Pisum sativum: Vines grow 5-6'; 60-70 days to maturity (source:

golden sweet pea

Pea (Golden Sweet)

Pisum sativum: Vines grow to 6'; pods are best when young; dried peas can be added to soups; 60-70 days to maturity (source:

tom thumb pea

Pea (Tom Thumb)

Pisum sativum: Plants grow up to 8"; container-friendly; 50-55 days to maturity (source:

Root Vegetables

albino beet

Beet (Albino)

Beta vulgaris: Sweet flavor; edible greens; 50 days to maturity (source:

yellow intermediate mangel beet

Beet (Yellow Intermediate Mangel)

Beta vulgaris: 65-100 days to maturity (source:

carrot red cored chantenay

Carrot (Red Cored Chantenay)

Daucus carota: Sweet flavor; roots grow to 6"; 70 days to maturity (source:

student parsnip

Parsnip (Student)

Pastinaca sativa: Slightly sweet flavor; 150 days to maturity (source:

early scarlet globe radish

Radish (Early Scarlet Globe)

Raphanus sativus: Round roots grow to 1"; good for bunching; fall/winter and spring radish; 20-28 days to maturity (source:

french breakfast radish

Radish (French Breakfast)

Raphanus sativus: Oblong roots; mildly pungent flavor; fall/winter and spring radish; 20-30 days to maturity (source:

mammoth sandwich island salsify

Salsify (Mammoth Sandwich Island)

Tragopogon porrifolius: Roots grow 8-10"; subtle oyster-like flavor; 120 days (source:

Stem Vegetables

celery (Tall Utah)

Celery (Tall Utah)

Apium graveolens: Biennial; stalks grow 12" tall, plants grow 24-30" tall, 100 days to maturity (source:

kohlrabi purple vienna

Kohlrabi (Purple Vienna)

Brassica oleracea: Harvest when bulbs are 2-3" in diameter; 55-70 days to maturity (source: