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Education Guide

Recommended Websites

Education Statistics

Career Information

Alternatives to Google

Search for U.S. government documents - they often contain helpful
                                         reports and statistics.

   Search Internet Public Library for websites chosen by librarians.



   Library Spot is a virtual reference desk, useful for finding facts.


  RefSeek* is an academic search engine that may assist you in finding more
   reliable websites.

Website Evaluation Tips

Who?             Who is the author or sponsor of the site? 

What?             What is the background of the author?

Reputation?    Is that source reputable?

When?             When was the site last updated?

Relevance?     Is the material relevant to your needs?

Info Type?        Is the information fact or opinion?  Can it be verified from another source?

  From The Book Report, January/February 2000; "How to Use Soda Pop, The Blair Witch Project, and Other Methods to Help Students Learn to Evaluate Web Information Critically".