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MLA 2016 Eighth Edition Format and Style Guide

MLA 2016 Eighth Edition Format and Style Guide

MLA 8th Edition for Other Types of Sources

MLA 2016 Eighth Edition Format for OTHER Popular Citations

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These examples are based on The MLA Handbook 2016 Eighth Edition (Reference LB 2369 .G53 2016) and The Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL).

The following examples represent some of the more common citations requested at Delta College Library. The new rules in the 2016 edition leave room for interpretation. Examples on how to cite some of these sources can vary per institution. When in doubt, please access the The MLA Handbook 2016 Eighth Edition, the official MLA website, the Teaching/ Learning Center, the WRIT Center, the Librarians, or your instructor.

Blog Post

Williams, James. "Global Warming is Real.", 25 Sept. 2015,

          Accessed 9 Sept. 2016.

Example of In-Text Citation: (Williams).

Brochure, Pamphlet, or Press Release

Seven Myths about Tutoring. Delta College, n.d.

Example of In-Text Citation: (Seven Myths about Tutoring).

Your Rights Under California Welfare Programs. California Department of

          Social Services, 2007.

Example of In-Text Citation: (Your Rights 2).

Give the author of the message, followed by the subject in quotation marks. State to whom the message was sent and the date that the message was sent.

Neyhart, David. "Online Tutoring." Received by Joe Barbato, 1 Dec. 2015.

Example of In-Text Citation:  (Neyhart).


Give name of author, first several words of the Facebook post, Facebook, date posted, and URL.

Librarian, John. "This is an example of how to cite a Facebook status page..." Facebook, 20 Aug. 2016,

Example of In-Text Citation: (Librarian).


Pei, I. M.  Personal interview. 20 June 2010.

Poussaint, Alvin F.  Telephone interview.  10 Dec. 2011.

Raymond , Jack. E-mail interview.  5-6 May 2012.

If you cite the Pei interview in the body of your paper, you would cite the last name of the person being interviewed such as (Pei).


“Librarian.” M.O.I.S. Michigan Virtual University, 2014.

Example of In-Text Citation: (“Librarian”).


"Best of Not My Job Musicians." Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! from NPR, 4 June 2016,

Example of In-Text Citation: ("Best of Not My Job Musicians")  OR  ("Best of").


@libraryhelp. "It is important to bring your library cards to the circulation desk. Don't forget them. No exceptions." Twitter,

          20 Aug. 2016, 5:00 PM,

Example of In-Text Citation:  (@libraryhelp).


"How to Cite Video Podcasts." Youtube, uploaded by Citing Incorporated, 20 Aug. 2010,

Example of in-text citation: ("How to Cite").


Librarian, Ron. "How to Find Evidence-Based Journal Articles." YouTube,,

          Accessed 20 Aug. 2015.

(Please note with this example that the author's name is the same as the person who uploaded the video, so the author's name needs to be listed once.)

Example of in-text citation: (Librarian).