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For most students, there just isn't enough money to go around to pay for college. Pell grants can help, but where can you go if you need more money?  The answer is that there are number of sources available to help you find financial aid.

Many colleges, such as Delta College, have a financial aid office with staff who know about sources of financial aid. The staff are able to provide helpful advice.

College foundations are another source for scholarships. Often, people donate money to colleges so that students are able to apply for scholarships.

State and Federal governments are known to provide financial aid. Pell grants may be the most popular form of financial aid, but there are more sources for free money for college that is available. Please contact the financial aid office for more information.

There are a number of books that will list scholarships. Yes, before the Internet, there were books and there are some still around. Libraries are a great source for some of the traditional books such as: Peterson's Scholarships, Grants, & Prizes and The Scholarship Handbook

Websites on the World Wide Web continue to be one of the most popular sources for finding college scholarships. Fastweb and are just two of many websites that can lead you to scholarships for college.