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Change Your World Week Winter 2021 - Archived

This is the CYWW site from Winter 2021
A GIF that reads Created by Delta Pioneers. This website contains student-created content.

What is Change Your World Week?

A group of cartoon people protest holding two signs. One reads be the change and the other reads march!

In a typical semester, this week finds the halls of Delta College filled with awareness campaigns created by students on issues of concern in their communities. Some participants create displays as part of a class project, while others are part of a student club. At each display, participants are invited to take action on the featured issue, by signing a petition, sending a letter to a lawmaker, joining an interest group, etc.

With the current school year being anything but typical, Change Your World Week is being held online for students to access anywhere. Regardless of where it is held, CYWW gives students the opportunity to find their voice in becoming a co-creator in the kind of community in which they want to live. 

This website features links to student-designed web pages to raise awareness on issues they have researched, as well as election-related information such as races, candidates, and ballot initiatives. Each page represents student work to inform their peers and empower them to take action to enact a positive change in their community. 

Five people gathered around their Change Your World Week display about sex traffickingFour people gathered around their Change Your World week displayFour people gathered around their change your world week display

Students in hallway at Delta College visiting Change Your World Week displaysTwo students standing by their change your world week display about SPSD

Six people around a change your world week display. One person is dressed as Uncle Sam.