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How Library Instruction Works at Delta Library

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Under Contstruction!

This set of pages is being updated! It will be complete by August 16, 2021.

If you are trying to schedule online library instruction for 2021 summer semester, please use this link to our online library instruction scheduling form.

Library Instruction at Delta Library

You can schedule a great library research session for your classes at Delta Library. There are so many options!

  • New! Delta Library is offering a new introductory library research course through eLearning. This course provides a basic introduction to research at Delta Library and works with any class. This new course is self-enrolled and available in eLearning for all faculty and students. Follow the link to see if Library Research at Delta College is right for your class.
  • For more in-depth coverage of research and library skills, choose one of our complete asynchronous online courses. These courses allow students to work at their own pace and provide an interactive learning environment, formative assessment, and individual feedback not possible in face-to-face sessions. Schedule your online library research course, and we take it from there. We enroll your students in the course and after the due date you set, send you a completion report with a score based upon the number of correctly answered questions in the final quiz. Follow the link to our course descriptions to see if this option is right for your class.
  • Schedule a tour! We offer a standard 20-minute tour or our 45-minute tour with scavenger hunt. Tours include information about TLC/WRIT, checking out books and other materials, the computer lab and printing, book collections and other resources, study rooms, and more.
  • In-person library sessions are available for your class in the library, in your classroom at main campus or any satellite campus, and virtually through Zoom or Virtual Classroom. Schedule your in-person session using our handy request form. If you would like to schedule a virtual session, please email